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The social media giant now requires new users to sign into their Facebook account to access the Messenger app per a Venture Beat Report. This means that users can no longer register for Messenger.

Until recently it was possible to create a Messenger account using just a mobile number. However, this option is no longer available and new users should now have a Facebook account. The discovery.

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SAIU!! Facebook Messenger Lite (Oficial) - ExclusivoYou can no longer use Messenger without Facebook account – Earlier, new users were able to access Messenger or Messenger Lite app using their phone number instead of a Facebook account Facebook has removed the ability to use Messenger without an account.

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out its latest feature. There is no word on when (or even if) iOS users will gain access. WhatsApp.

Facebook’s Messenger Lite app for Android is getting video chat, adding the final feature the slimmed-down app needed to become a truly viable replacement for the full-featured Messenger.

Facebook is not afraid to copy, no matter what critics.

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As always, Lite.IM keeps your private data private. We never store your chat records, and even shield third parties like Facebook from your most sensitive data with a secure password form.

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